Saturday, November 04, 2006

Improve your turf

Using compost is a great way to help your lawn. It adds organic matter, is suitable for fixing minor imperfections in levels, greatly enhances soil microbiological activity which may reduce plant diseases, and even sequestrates carbon [ and that is being VERY environmentally friendly] and usually the organics come from locally recycled materials. Probably the most important attribute is that the organic mater added to the turf can reduce the need for bag fertiliser, and improve water holding capacity thus reducing water use.

Current evaporation in Darwin is 7 - 10mm per day [November] so storing any rain that falls to reduce that evaporation alone is a great benefit.

Important - do not add too much at once, 5-7 mm is enough, and level it out with a rake and leveller, water into the surface. Use fine screened compost, not the coarse mulch!!

And remember........keeping the lawn slightly longer and allowing it to dry out before re-irrigating will improve water use efficiency during this pre wet season. That applies to ANY lawn.

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