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Compadre Zoysia ideal for the NT

Compadre was selected by plant breeders in the USA as a good replacement for many existing vegetative and seeded zoysia varieties that are hard to germinate and establish from seed or plugs. Performed among the top lines in exhaustive trials. Superior quality turf in comparison to Argentine paspalum or Bahia grass. Compadre is readily available and a great replacement for Bahia grass which is known to be relatively poorly available in Australia in 2007

Previously known by the variety name Companion.
Compadre Coated seeds. The inert material % contains seed coating material:Coating Material percentage runs 50 to 60% depending on each lots test data after coating is completed. - Pure seed of 40-50%. Pure seed also available.

Compadre is specially formulated for faster germination and establishment, yet has low fertilizer and water needs. Compadre is a perfect grass for golf courses in many areas because of its low maintenance requirements. Perfect for home and commercial lawns due to low maintenance as well. It is also itch free, unlike paspalum lawns.

COMPADRE ZOYSIA: This zoysiagrass variety has been chosen by plant breeders due to its high turf quality, very dark green colour and consistent seed yield. Compadre Zoysia has performed well in turfgrass trial plantings in various locations, in comparison to both seeded and vegetative varieties. Compadre Zoysia seed is recommended as a good replacement for many of the existing vegetative and seeded zoysia varieties that are slow to germinate and establish from seed or plugs - the seeds have been primed for faster germination & establishment.

PLANTING RATE:Compadre - Seeds: Plant at 0.5 – 1.0 kg/100 sq m. More seed will not improve speed of establishment.

Plant most of the year in the NT - Follow seed rate recommendations. Suitable for all of the NT, and especially north of Alice Springs.
Plant on a weed free, grass free, prepared soil area. Stale seedbed techniques may be useful to suppress early weeds. Do not plant with other species. Keeping the area shade free is important, so mow regularly as weeds appear during establishment.
A well prepared seedbed is required. - If you can't irrigate, don't plant
WATER DAILY (or even better - twice a day - morning & afternoon) FOR first 10-21 days until seedlings have sprouted. - Then every other day for several more weeks, then gradually reducing the frequency and increasing the duration of watering. Skip watering when it rains. A superior option is to use short burst eg 5 minutes per hour or low volume surface irrigation eg micro-irrigation sprinklers or a soaker hose to keep the surface moist, but NOT overwet. After the first 8-10 weeks you can water as needed. In the Northern Territory, 2-3 waterings per week, wetting the soil to 100mm at each irrigation is adequate.
Once established, Compadre is a very water efficient lawn, requiring less water for peak performance. Among the best of the improved turf lines for water efficiency.

Follow the proper maintenance for your new lawn (water, mow, fertilize, etc.)
High quality seed is readily available!

SEED USE NOTICE: Please note that we ONLY recommend Zoysia seeds for use in bare soil areas. Planting seeds into existing grasses has a HIGH FAILURE rate. If planting into an existing lawn (grass and/or weeds) we recommend that you consider using Zoysia plugs instead of seeds. Alternately seek further advice from us on the requirements to renovate existing areas.

At sowing, a quality mixed fertiliser including trace elements is required. We recommend Yara Hydrocomplex 12:5:15 plus trace elements in two applications - one at sowing, and the second after 4 weeks, both at 3-5kg/100 sq m.

We strongly recommend use of slow release turf fertilisers for maintenance, from 10 weeks after sowing, with Multigreen N:P:K 22:3:17.5 a very suitable product, used 2-3 times per year at 2-4kg/100 sq m. [ available at Elders Palmerston and Australia wide]. These products give superior performance and are kinder to the enviroment. After opening the bag, it should be stored in a closed plastic bucket or similar - that way it will last for several years.

"Compadre Zoysia is everything you need in a turfgrass," said Mike Hills, Research Agronomist for Seed Research. "It's a top performer in stressful conditions, a natural weed suppressor and a survivor in extreme summer and winter climates."

Compadre is an ideal choice for renovations or new construction and can be maintained at variable mowing heights for different purposes. It is extremely tolerant of high salt concentrations in water or soil. In domestic use a mowing height of around 20 - 25mm is suitable but it may be cut lower or slightly higher. Compadre is shade tolerant, and will grow in 50 - 70% shade, and will do even better if the area receives a little dappled sun during the day. Do not mow too short in shaded areas - the grass will grow much better .

Seed available through your local contact:

Above Capricorn Technologies
Agricultural & Environmental Consultants
PO Box 736 Nightcliff NT 0814

Phone 08 8948 1894 Fax 08 8948 3894

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I would like to thank Peter for all his help and information regarding what I need to do in planting my new lawn. After much research I decided that Compadre Zoysia is what I wanted for my home in Leanyer and his guidance has been tremendous.