Friday, October 12, 2007


Drought is slowly but surely killing temperate Australia. What is probably the worst drought in white settlement history has been strangling the rural sector in this country for 5- 7 years. In the north, it is not that noticeable........but as food prices now inexorably rise, we will all notice the effects. However, in the north of Australia we have our scourge investigation into developing northern Australia chaired by Senator Bill Heffernan.....but that is another story, still unfolding.

Aid from government to drought affected areas has been provided but the article here questions the effectiveness of the policy. But prudent farmers once again, seem to be discriminated against. Would not it be better giving the money to the farmers?

Provocative, interesting and maybe a bit off the mark in some areas, but essentially offers an alternate the $$ where it will most useful.
Prayers, cloud seeding, mystical chants.....................even visits by politicians ....all are welcome if it will bring rain!

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