Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Compadre Zoysia - a great turf in the tropics

Compadre zoysia can create a fantastic turfed area from seed, at a much lower cost than using sod, and achieve excellent cover in around 16 weeks [above]. With zoysia sod of other varieties from local turf sod growers costing around $20 per sq m plus laying costs, the seed option can be very effective, with excellent cover achieved within a reasonable period.

A recent case history study has shown that even from a dry season sowing [late May 2007] it is possible to achieve a superb domestic turf even though growth was slowed considerably in the cooler dry season months.

By around sixteen weeks, cover was almost complete, with growth accelerating from late August, as warmer days and nights, and longer daylight became effective. By October, excellent turf was in place.

Photo at 20 weeks......

More recent sowings from September and October show excellent early development, as a result of quicker germination and establishment due to warmer conditions, although a few more weeds are present, partially due to the common use of silty and weedier topsoils. But they are all doing very well so far. More on that story soon……..

Once established, Compadre zoysia requires less water, less mowing, less fertiliser than most other turf types, yet still is a great lawn and with high aesthetic appeal. A great appearance at the right cost.
See close up..........a great Compadre turf area
Compadre zoysia is an obvious choice…………..great lawn, modest costs!

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