Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Organic? Is it Really Organic - Maybe Not!!

Be careful is the real mantra..........there is organic, natural and then those that claim to be..... but are not.

The organic thrust in the US in particular seems to be getting imbroiled with the garbage speak of just another advertising campaign, designed to part the consumer and their $$, without really delivering on the hype. Organic usually may cost more and at times offer the seller better margins.

That said, those that are CERTIFIED as organic certainly seem to be living up to the claims, while others may not. Going the full certified route as organic requires a great deal of work and ongoing commitment by producers of food as well as manufacturers. And that applies equally in Australia. It is not a cheap option to move that way, but most believe it will pay off over time, or some have a philosophy about being organic.

Recent US data does show that not all is as clean as is claimed though, as you can read here: with this press release from the US Organic Consumers Association showing many brands of cleaners to be not all they may seem.

It is likely that this issue is reflected in other regions. So take care if you really want organic ANYTHING. And watch the Australian press too...........I am sure there will be more.

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