Thursday, April 03, 2008

Update on Compadre Zoysia - great turf!

The following photos show a domestic lawn sown by Compadre seed in the Darwin region in late May 2007. The Dry Season had cool to very cool nights although days were around 30C, but with about 11 hours of sunlight.

The lawn developed well, and the following photos show the area in early April 2008, 10 months after establishment.

There have been no insect or disease problems, mowing is about every 3 weeks. The area has recently been cut very low to remove any thatch build up, in the absence of the availability of a verti cutter [or scarifier]. This is a precautionary management option as modest fertiliser levels were used in the establishment year, and may not be needed as fertiliser use is moderated in future.

It is a great lawn…………enjoyable to use, and for kids to play on. It is not itchy, if rolling on the lawn without a shirt, as often is the case if there are kids playing football!

Not only is it a great lawn, it cost less than one quarter the cost of using any turf sod!
For earlier photos see the post on this blog -

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