Friday, January 23, 2009


Great news...........our single grower of Zoysia Compadre turf now has a modest amount of quality turf sod available.

The project to develop a viable area of Compadre sod for turf sales has taken longer than expected, after a few minor setbacks, and the development of suitable operational techniques. But the area is likely to expand over the next year to meet projected demands, especially in the new construction market, where Compadre zoysia can be a serious competitor to other vegetatively propagated species in the instant turf market, on both quality and price. The aim is superior quality at a better price. That is very achievable. End users do like what they see.

Seed sowing will remain a major market, especially for larger areas in both construction projects and new dwellings, but turf sod does have a special niche market in some segments of the new home construction market.

And of course, seed remains an option to sow for an expanded quality sod production area.

In this region especially, the shade tolerance of Compadre zoysia is particularly important, as most new house areas quickly develop shrubs and trees. Most other turf options then fade away in the shaded or semi shaded areas, leaving bare soil, whereas Compadre zoysia continues to thrive in modest shade.

Go for it ...........use Compadre zoysia.

It is a great lawn, low maintenance, low [but not nil] fertiliser option that continues to look good. For best results use a slow release turf type fertiliser 2-3 times in the first year at recommended rates then only once or twice a year, and reduce the rates by about 50%, after that. We recommend Multigreen slow release turf fertiliser[ available from Elders], but other brand options are also suitable. Mow at 25 - 35mm. Mowing frequency would normally be about every 2 weeks in the warmer and wetter half year; every 3-4 weeks in the dry season. Weeds are not usually a major problem but if they do appear, we can assist with cost effective solutions.

Remember.......Compadre zoysia will not normally make your skin itchy, as can happen with most paspalums [bahia grasses]. The ideal turf for a quick game of touch footy for shirtless kids!

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