Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Clearing for Clearing

Amendments to the Interim Development Control Order 17 which had prohibited land clearing in the Daly Basin area of the Northern Territory were gazetted today. Approval will be given for modest clearing in the Daly Basin of the Northern Territory, with 2000 ha in total likely to be approved in 2009.

Work has been taking place behind the scenes in developing the now extensive requirements to meet the new criteria established for this modest clearing.

It is something many property owners have been hoping would occur and a lot of effort has been expended to develop sound criteria that satisfy the interests of the multitude of interested parties across the environmental, pastoral, fishing, rural and government areas.

The hard part now will be getting it all together to actually have clearing occur before soil conditions become too dry for effective clearing - around May / June.

There are still quite a few hurdles to negotiate for land owners, before the bulldozers start.

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