Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Compadre Zoysia at the Darwin Waterfront Precinct - Brilliant!!

Darwin Waterfront Precinct

Major projects are inevitably fraught with complexities, time delays and both minor and major problems. Where these involve landscaping, tempers usually get very short……… almost always, with the landscaping being among the last major activities, it gets time challenged, cost challenged and yet……….it has to be ready on time, and look fantastic.

Compadre zoysia was chosen as the grass of choice for the Waterfront project and because it was to be sown by seed, that challenge was even more complicated, as around 12 – 20 weeks were needed after sowing, to have it visitor ready at the opening. Many smaller areas were able to be sown much earlier, and have been grown relatively easily, but much of the main area in front of the hotels was always going to be near the very end, and initially suffered because of that delay that then ran into the weather problems.

There most certainly have been a few challenges along the way, and although we had factored into the scenario a local supply of some Compadre zoysia turf to meet those final last minute problems, the seed sowing also had a few of its own problems, caused by late sowing and very heavy monsoon rain soon after sowing. Weeds were an issue, with the area here, initally weedy with sedges, being managed, and converted into the area in the first photo below.

However, this and other issues were successfully managed, and fixed and the Compadre has thrived on the whole area.

The photos below were taken late October 2009, about 9 months after sowing. It looks fabulous……….soft to walk on, non itchy, reduced mowing frequency ………all it was chosen for initially.

Lush grass......

Great vista across the Compadre turf

Compadre zoysia is tolerant of wear around seats and high activity areas

It really offers a smart, water efficient, low maintenance, wear tolerant, low fertiliser requirement and atractive turf for domestic and commercial areas, including parks and ovals in the north of Australia.........and can be established at low cost.


Anonymous said...

Dear folks,

Would like to buy a simple 5 lb bag of compadre zoysia. Do you have one to sell me? Actually, I'll buy any size that you have.

Thank you

Peter H said...

Not sure where you are located.............please e-mail and we can possibly help.

If in the US, seed is out of stock there and will not be available for some time.

Aditya said...

Hi Peter,

Could you pls tell me where can I buy Zoysia Compadre seed online ?

H.P. India

Peter H said...


We have seed available at present in modest quantities. Seed relatively expensive at $A105 per kg plus freight costs.

Large quantities available later in 2010, at around the same price.
e-mail - abovecapricorn at