Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Compadre Zoysia for Roadsides and Median Strips

We have long advocated zoysia, especially seed sown versions such as Compadre, for use in transport corridors.

One of Australia's largest road organisations, the NSW RTA is now using zoysia for road corridor use, median strips and similar road applications.

They find the slower growth is a big advantage ........less mowing, maybe only one third as much mowing, as well as reduced intrusion into plants used in association with the grass. Previously, intrusion by faster growing species such as couch and kikuyu meant large maintenance budgets and regular spraying to eliminate ingress by the grass into adjacent plant communities such as Dianella spp, and similar lower growing species.

The use of seed sown Compadre zoysia offers significant cost advantages over turf sod in similar circumstances, and will achieve the same effect. There will be some added maintenance and management during the establishment phase of about 12 weeks, but by using hydroseeding on a weed free seed bed a first class result can be achieved. Zoysia's require less fertiliser in comparison to most other grasses, while still achieving adequate to good quality. Sometimes that fertiliser can be nil!!

It has been done in Darwin........and I am sure it can be done in your area too, if warm and wet in the summer.

One of the transport corridors done in Darwin was the nature strip around the bottom roundabout in McMinn street, near the Waterfront. And the roundabout was also done with another zoysia - Zoysia tenuifolia - also known as petting grass, which needs almost never being cut.

Contact us for more details. Compadre zoysia seed is also available.

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