Friday, November 19, 2010

Clean Technology Is Still Thriving - BUT a Carbon Price Would Help

A recent report indicates that the US clean tech industries are still developing, despite a complete failure of policies to develop a carbon price or any real progress on climate change type in the US at national level.

Australia is not much better, given the current policy imbroglio here, after the failure of the prevous government attempts through an ETS - a cap and trade scheme.

But the US industry personnel are still pushing ahead, and many are very positive.

It is not if, but when, in their view, and they want to be around and active. Or they will operate elsewhere - Asia, Europe or maybe China.

This recent article offers some interesting views.


Agriculture Jobs UK said...

There is a degree of similarity between Australia and the US in terms of the techniques and methods of agriculture employed.

Anonymous said...

True............but political systems VERY different, and quality of land/ soil superior in the US.

Australian soils really do need more soil carbon, in most cases.