Saturday, May 28, 2011

Comedy to Curb Littering and Waste

Littering is a serious problem in Australia and costs a lot of $$ to repair.

Conventional approaches have not always why not use comedy?

Keep Australia Beautiful has brought together an unlikely group of Australian celebrities to form a fictitious group called Litterers Anonymous. The comedic new anti-littering campaign aims to lift the profile of littering problems in Australia and will see Keep Australia Beautiful promoting the Litterers Anonymous ‘One Step Program’ which is simply to ‘use the bin’.

This campaign is supported by some of the leading companies in the beverage industry.

Keep Australia Beautiful will be launching the campaign in cinema, TV, radio and online this week at

Litterer Types:

Wedgers - people who stuff disposable objects into small spaces where they will not be seen, such as behind a seat.

Undertakers – people who bury disposable objects under sand or leaves.

Foul shooters – people who aim for the bin but miss, and leave the object on the ground.

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