Friday, June 24, 2011

Live Cattle Trade to Indonesia

This issue will NOT disappear, with the WA government now pressuring the Australian government to get it sorted out VERY SOON.

Lots of stories in the various press formats still, and no doubt will continue.

More here...

The tenor of the comments particularly from the urban areas indicates little real knowledge of the issue generally.... just that it has to cease.

Some commenters make a case for "structural adjustment" in the northen cattle industry, funded by the government. Sounds fine, but would be monumentally expensive, and take years and years, not to mention a lot of R and D to produce different cattle, better pastures etc. The farms are not factories; cattle are not machines.

In a world needing food the loss of this product in Indonesia is likely to be of dire concern.

Will Indonesia be now as co-operative in dealing with other issues of joint concern - people smuggling, cross border animal and plant disease work, military co-operation. Face needs saving!! And fast......

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