Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Compadre zoysia - Turf in the Darwin CBD

Compadre zoysia used as full sod, has been a preferred option for use by the Darwin City Council on a number of projects within the city area.

One of these has been a significant upgrade to the frontage areas of businesses along one side of Smith Street, the main street of Darwin. This area in the centre of the CBD has many people walk beside, and over, the grass every day.

The Compadre zoysia has been in situ now for well over 12 months and is approaching the second wet season.

It looks great! Does not require frequent mowing , and according to many nearby business owners is a substantial improvement on the previous landscaping.

The turf has maintained a tight sward and has almost no foreign species in the grass areas, with the exception of a just a few small forbs, normally easily removed by hand or an occasional spot spray with an appropriate herbicide. Or by using a long term residual herbicide, to give complete control for many months. That is low cost and easy, even for councils!

Zoysia turf is also finding use in areas such as median strips, roundabouts and similar areas where both modest installation costs plus low maintenance costs are critical, yet it provides an excellent visual amenity, but low growing, so good line of sight vision is maintained , an important issue for road area use.Compadre zoysia..........a great choice for your landscaping!

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