Saturday, February 25, 2012

Compadre Zoysia Grows in Japan

Recently, Japan has been trying to source considerable volumes of Compadre zoysia for use this coming northern spring sowing period.

Compadre zoysia is already of reasonably widespread use in Japan for use on football playing fields, and almost all J- League soccer games are played on zoysia.

Compadre has some real attributes worth considering in cooler regions as it has an extended green period, often much better than other grass species. This means better quality both later into autumn and earlier in spring.

It will be difficult now to obtain larger volumes of seed until new season seed becomes available after the middle of 2012. We have a small amount still available.

Please e-mail or post a comment for more information. The photo is of approx 4 month old Compadre zoysia at Palmerston, near Darwin.

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