Friday, March 23, 2012

Civilian Drones Seem to be the Issue of the Moment

While I blogged about the use of unmanned vehicles, or drones in rural applications recently, it seems the topic has deveoped a life of its own.

Today the national newpsaper in Australia, "The Australian" has a significant article about UAV use in civilian mode. Click on the link and read it:

Much of the story is a bit short of real facts for Australia and a bit skewed in relation to some of the facts, also for Australian use. Australia already has some rules for their use, developed by the air traffic management services nationally. They may get modified as usage develops- but there are some rules already. The newspaper article does not mention any Australian developers of UAV machines, yet there are several who are of world class, and already supply military products world wide.

Ideas abound on use - be imaginative. There must be many many options worth considering for agriculture in the broad sense at reasonable cost.

Definitely keep a watch on developments.

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