Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spraying with Pesticides? Are YOU operating Legally?

The stories of improper pesticide spraying are the stuff of legends.  I am aware of some few cases where those involved,  had made people ill, and in a few cases people have actually died due to poor practices.

More common issues involved wrong areas, wrong product, spray drift causing problems, neighbours affected, or sometimes even worse, properties some distance away being affected,

Thankfully, the last problem is much less common now......but it did happen sometimes if products such as 2,4-D were used poorly.

All this means you must take reasonable care.

If  looking to brush up on knowledge of when and how to record weather data, you now have a new resource.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has released a new Spray Equipment fact sheet, Weather Monitoring Equipment for Agricultural Spraying Operations.

The fact sheet answers key questions, including when and where to measure weather conditions and how long to keep records.

Compiled by consultant Bill Gordon, the fact sheet delivers key tips, including:
• There are legal requirements to measure and record the weather parameters at the site of application during spray operations.
• It may be useful to have more than one device to compare accuracy.
• Select equipment that can be easily operated and easily recalibrated.
• On-board weather stations offer ‘on-the-go’ monitoring to allow the operator to make better decisions about the suitability of conditions while spraying.

To download the fact sheet and other information about spray application, visit ipment-Weather-Monitoring

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