Saturday, June 09, 2012

UAVs on Steroids

I blogged a while back about drones / UAVs and their role in modern agriculture and pastoral production, at least of aricraft and helicopters that were low cost and effective.

The article here covers military drone aircraft, remotely piloted uAVs, used by Australian military overseas in Afganistan.  They are leased through an intemediary company from the owners, an Israeli company.

I have no doubt of their capabilities, imaging and related sensing tools and similar technologies.  Well beyond what the average citizen imagines even.

Remember the scene in the movie 'Patriot Games" of IR imaging of bodies in a tent in the desert? That was declassified then, in the late 1980s.

The point is, today's military activities will be tomorrow's civilian capabilities with these technologies, particularly for deployment by firms offering services to industry.  The agriculture and pastoral industries will be among the users, and many will find it cost effective for a range of tasks.

Read the is quite fascinating, if you are into the use of remotely piloted aerial vehicles.

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