Friday, November 09, 2012

Big Future for NZ XSTOL Aircraft

A relatively new  NZ aircraft has made some very positive steps to being a very useful aircraft for low maintenance and remote regions use.

This is the aircraft known as a P-750 XSTOL, which shows some links with the old Fletcher FU-24, a stalwart, tough agricultural aircraft of the 1960s, used as a crop duster.

With recent sales to both Russia and China and interest from African countries as well as positive sales developments in both NZ and Australia the future does look quite bright.

More details are on their web site -

The ability to operate in a variety of modes including passenger and freight configurations, even within a single route and on an outwards / return run has some strong positives for many smaller operators in remote areas.  Couple that with an apparent low maintenance schedule, and what appears to be a tough aircraft capable of operating on very short and rougher runways - often typical of remote regions, and certification for RPT operations would seem to be an attractive package.

It has a low stalling speed and can operate in place of helicoptors for survey work.  There has been design work go into factory incorporated alterations that can allow easy changes for cameras and sensors for geophysical work [for which the mining industry has a big demand] and similar types of work often carried out in rural areas - including water bombing.

While it is a single engine aircraft, it is getting some strong endorsements in reviews within industry magazines.

Sounds very suitable to operate in the remote regions of the Northern Territory as a dual passenger / freight aircraft.

Oh more thing - also well suited to jump out of, if that way inclined!!

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