Friday, January 11, 2013

Marine Transport Goes Gas

The Christmas break is over and once again, back to the grindstone that is the terrible four letter word - work.  Hope all readers are refreshed and enjoyed Christmas festivities.  Seems that Christmas reaches into many non Christian areas of the world now as well.


Marine transport has traditionally used bunker oil.  But that might be about to change as world gas supplies both increase in size and reduce in price.  Darwin is among areas where gas is produced, and production is expected to increase here over the next few years.  But non traditional sources, especially in the USA, are increasing quite rapidly.

This is expected to have major ramifications for using gas in powering marine transport systems.  Both for new vessels and retro fitting of gas tanks to existing vessels.  Using gas could radically reduce costs of fuel for large ocean vessels, an issue that has long been a problem for these vessels.

Read a detailed report here -;postID=4523160370317925528

Interested to read some thoughts on this issue.

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