Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Drones are Coming - VERY Rapidly

Drones have been a major success in military areas in recent years.  And this success is now rapidly translating into commercial areas.

I wrote a blog some months ago on this topic and even in this brief period, a lot has been happening.

In Australia, regulations are developing although slowly, but aim to minimise rules for low power short range drones, often small quadricopters.  While of some commercial interest, it is larger units that are increasingly of interest commercially, and the area where they potentially pose some airspace problems.

Areas of use include mining and agriculture / pastoral use, ecological studies and remote sensing for R and D purposes, real estate photography......use your imagination!  And of course commercial spying, and related issue including police and related agencies use for traffic monitoring in real time anywhere, survelliance activities, and no doubt customs and border patrols.

Last week the ABC produced another informative article and tv segment on the issue.

Be could be coming to get you.

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