Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green Wall Systems

There is a lot of interest in building design as well as more general landscaping, to encourage the use of green wall and green roof systems as part of a sustainability drive in the industry.

While there is little use so far in Darwin, Singapore has been very active in integrating these approaches into building and the environment.  Yet, with hot weather here, the concept of green walls and roof systems does have a lot of merit.  It is well known that green vegetation can be a major factor in providing shade to building walls and roofs, thus reducing heat gain and improving sustainability of design - and appearances too

A new system from Elmich known as Versiwall does offer some interesting concepts including some very clever ideas for dividing and /or external walls that can actively reduce sunlight on building walls and reduce heat gain.

The system has a recyclable plastic frame with specially designed pots that lock onto the wall frame.
A new take on the idea of a wire mesh or similar wall .

The pots can be arranged to match the size of plants to give a dense or not so dense wall cover, at a reasonable cost, and have a specially designed ctch to eliminate the risk of being dislodged, for example, in storms.

Check out the system at or see the photos below.  Pots are made of a very durable plastic and are modestly priced.

The system is very new to Australia, with the first designs being installed later in the month.
Watering is integrated into the system, and recycled or grey water use is possible.


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