Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Live Cattle Export to Indonesia - Moving Again

Indonesian authorities have moved forward by just two weeks the quota for live export cattle from Australia for the 3rd quarter of 2013.

A boat of around 8000 head left Darwin this week, for Indonesia.  More shipments are planned in the near future.

But exporters are reputed to be cautious.  It seems that so far no increase in numbers has occurred but rather a bringing forward of the permits for the next quarter.  Which is helpful, but not a game changing event.

Most of the players it seems are likely to go quiet, and allow the issue to play out slowly.  And that is on both sides.

Australian exporters certainly would like the numbers to go up - considerably, but there are some political issues at play here on the Indonesian side and "quietly, quietly" seems to be the catchcry right now.  Both sides seem to know it is a valuable trade and offers benefits for both sides, but it is a bit tricky to balance various competing, often political, interests.

Could this situation change soon?  Some think it might, but do not hold your breath seems to be the message.

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