Monday, September 09, 2013

Green Walls - Getting Artistic, as well as Green

While the concept of installing green walls is now more common in buildings – both new and during refurbishing, a recent trend has been to actually make the walls a piece of art.
This is achieved through changes of texture and colour in the plants being used, their leaf length and shape, and growth habit.

Photos of a few examples illustrate this trend quite clearly.
One is a large outdoor green wall on the outside of a building, with the pattern providing a clear arty look.

outdoors green wall - with art pattern
The other is inside the ground floor foyer of a refurbished bank building, and in this case the green wall in enhanced through use of a clear roof to adequately direct light onto the wall, which covers the full width of the foyer from front to back.  Again, an arty pattern is used to generate additional interest in the display.
Sure, the use of an art design means that more effort is needed to maintain the full collection of plants in the green wall, clearly showing the design.  In many less art focused or design focused walls, the emphasis has been on the functionality of the green wall itself, with concepts of more oxygen, soothing greenery and so on – rather than any art pattern.

 This option of a pattern or design allows the green wall creators some additional flair in the design process.  I am sure we shall see more along this trend line over the next few years as better understanding of plant performance itself in these green wall scenarios, as well as better use of more variable colours in the plants – there are many, many leaf patterns and colours available,  not just the more common green and yellowish or variegated leaves.

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