Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Temperatures ARE Rising - Data Shows Extent

The proportion of days in the United States that are warmer than the long-term average increased from 42 percent in 1964 to 67 percent today, according to an analysis of 3.2 million temperature anomalies over the last 50 years., a New York City-based company that specializes in searches of information from public databases, examined data from 2,716 U.S. weather stations to track the temperature anomalies. The company found that since 1964, temperature anomalies characterized as warm or “strong warm” have increased by an average of .5 percent a year.


Enigma’s data show, for example, that in 2012, 84 percent of temperature anomalies in the U.S. skewed on the warm side. The company forecast that by the 2030s more than 70 percent of anomalous temperatures in the U.S. are likely to be higher than the historical average, rather than colder.

Would similar data be apparent for Australia?
My guess is that similar data could be derived fro Australia.

So much for the climate change deniers, especially in both the US and Australia.
Australia is about to change ideas about how to combat climate change by removing a carbon tax and to replace that with so called direct action efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions.

Most scientists do not think the scheme would work.  Australia will be doing less to mitigate climate change.

With recent international reports arguing that temperatures and greenhouse gas emissions that are driving that issue are increasing more rapidly, it is time to also accelerate efforts at reducing impacts, or we are all up the creek without a paddle!!!   Sorry............our kids are. 

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