Sunday, August 31, 2014

Green Walls - Featured Inside And Outside

Seen recently - a new green wall in Terminal 1 at Changi Airport Singapore.

Announcing  - Arrivals.............. in a large display right at the top of the escalator down to Immigration and Passport Control.  A great prominent display with plants well adapted to lower light levels.

That has been a noticeable improvement over the past year or so - plant selection that works, especially for inside feature walls, where light levels and composition being a big issue.

This feature wall is a great display.  Check it out at Changi - hard to miss!

There is no doubt that green walls do a great job of improving air quality indoors where it can often be a problem if circulation is uneven.  And look good as well.

Darwin Airport  - take note.  Can you do a great green wall as part of the terminal improvements??

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