Friday, October 09, 2015

Humane Abattoirs?

Maybe a contradiction in terms, but improved animal welfare in abattoirs is a win-win situation.

Well treated animals before slaughter actually deliver better quality carcasses, as well as improved animal management and welfare.

One of the leaders to improve animal welfare in slaughterhouses has been Temple Grandin from the USA.  She is well  known for her work by those in beef production and the meat industry.

But just recently she has made it into The Economist magazine, an unlikely vehicle to be discussing animal welfare and abattoir design in light of improved animal management and outcomes.

It is a long article - and well worth reading as it does actually discuss some of the innovations that can improve animal welfare and abattoir performance.

See it here -

and think about how simple changes can improve meat quality next time you have a steak!

Some parts of the world do have a long road ahead for improvement, but many western country abattoirs are now making the changes that do really improve animal welfare before slaughter and these should offer some solace to all meat eaters that animal welfare does not have to be compromised in abattoirs. 

Remember that  "In her view, properly performed slaughter [ of cattle] is less cruel than a more natural death at the jaws of wolves"

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