Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Orange Poinciana - Full Flowering

Red poinciana trees are absolutely a characteristic of Darwin at this time of year.  They are a standout sight in open space areas as well as in yards.

The red display while flowering is magnificent.

There is a hidden treasure though, in my opinion, that is even more spectacular........the much less common, orange form of the poinciana [Delonix regia].

While there are / were some small insignificant specimens at the edge of Tiger Brennan Drive and the intersection with Gothenburg Crescent close to the CBD, they seem to struggle to grow in that location.

Not so near the overpass on Trower Road in Rapid Creek.  The tree is a fantastic, well grown specimen and now in November is in full flower.  Definitely it is worth a look.

There are a few others around the city but I think this one is the prize specimen.

orange poinciana near Rapid Creek in full flower, November.

Orange poinciana  - near Rapid Creek

Closer view of flowers - orange form of  Poinciana

Flower display - orange Poinciana near Rapid Creek

The display of flowering of poincianas is a characteristic in a number of cities around Australia, with Brisbane in November - December also having many red flowered trees in flower.  Cairns is also known for the same flowering display of poincianas, and I am aware of at least one orange flowered tree there as well.  But the hot weather and mostly dry conditions help with the magnificent displays seen around Darwin in November each year. 

Red poinciana in Brisbane, late November 2014

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