Saturday, June 04, 2016

Zoysia Turf Growth Slows

June is here as well as the much cooler weather, here in the Southern Hemisphere.

While tropical Australia is still hot and seems to have no cool weather coming anytime soon, much cooler weather is now predicted over the coming week for much of temperate Australia - say Brisbane and south.

This probably signals a cessation of growth in zoysia turf until spring.  It has been a great run while the warm weather lasted, but it seems as if it might be over!

The met bureau is predicting cool to cold and wilder wet weather from the weekend........and the zoysia turf growth will dramatically slow down.  It is true that soil will tend to remain warmer, so some root growth will continue but with weather in the daytime likely in the teens.........growth will virtually stop.

Some agronomists suggest a very light fertiliser application, probably should have been last week, but if not then, very soon.  This ensures accumulation of plant food stores ready to allow growth in spring, and an improved turf colour, even if growth is low in cool weather.

While okay to mow and remove weed growth, try to avoid cutting the turf low in cool weather, when light levels are low, as the removal of leaf will be hard to replace by the now struggling warm season grass.

And if weather gets really cool - the zoysia turf may discolour to a bright golden colour.

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