Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Zoysia Seed - Supply Update

In Australia we are dependent on imported seed of zoysia from the USA.

Over the past two years supply has been poor, and the amount available has often been inadequate or hard to find.  Mostly related to lower supply by US producers and an inability to meet biosecurity requirements for Australia.

In the latter few months of 2016 this seemed to be improving, with hints of more seed around by 2017, as shown by US operators still offering seed for sale in late 2016.

And just recently it seems that new seasons stock may be available by early 2017.

A major issue seems to be resolved - and Compadre as well as Zenith varieties could be available.

Compadre especially has not been available in Australia since the mid period of 2014, mainly due to poor supply in the US and a difficult task in meeting biosecurity for Australia........it was too hard!

Our initial work seemed to indicate Compadre offered slightly superior performance in most Australian conditions due to better cooler condition performance, and strong lateral coverage by the grass.  Not much in it.......but Compadre was the more suitable we believed.

However, Zenith is preferred in SE Asia.

No details as yet on time of availability of new seasons seed .......but local Australian stock of Zenith is effectively now just about run out.  Anyone looking to sow zoysia seed might have to wait for new stock to arrive.  For planning purposes, think January 2017.

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