Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Green Wall by Elmich Survives Strong Typhoon

Elmich Green Wall Braves Strongest Typhoon of 2016By ELMICH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

News Date: 05 Jun 2017
Category: Buildings
Elmich's VersiWall GM (VGM) Green Wall at JI Hotel Xiamen Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street survived the strongest typhoon to hit China in nearly 70 years.
Elmich Green Wall Braves Strongest Typhoon of 2016
Super typhoon ‘Meranti’ made landfall in Xiamen City, Fujian with a wind gust speed of around 170 km/h bringing heavy downpours and causing major disruptions to the electricity and water supplies affecting more than 3.2 million homes located in the region.
Elmich VGM mounting system is equipped with anti-lift arms and proprietary anchoring pilaster system, and certified by independent international test authority to withstand wind uplift from various directions up to 110km/h.
In this application, the real test of nature has proven that a product of quality can withstand the strongest typhoon.
For more information regarding the Green Wall at JI Hotel Xiamen, click here.

Quite a positive outcome with implications for many other tropical areas where the security of tall green walls has been quite a bit of a worry in cyclonic / hurricane / typhoon conditions around the world.

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Isaac Dawson said...

Were it not for the debris deposited at the foot of the wall, No one would know the area was hit by a strong typhoon. brilliant work of engineering.