Thursday, October 19, 2017

Zoysia Seed Update - October 2017

Current news is not that good on the seed supply scene for 2017/ 2018.

While work is still continuing to try and source zoysia seed for use in Australia in 2017/ 2018, options are very limited.

The major US Seed company involved with seed production of zoysia seed - Patten Seed Company  - has totally failed Australian consumers once again with poor crops and a distinct lack of interest in supplying Australia, while continuing to have seed readily available in the USA.  No seed of either Compadre or Zenith zoysia seed from that source is possible!

There are issues with seed quality in that there are some difficulties in complying with biosecurity requirements for Australia, but they seem to ignore producing adequate seed quantity, let alone fixing weed issues in seed crops that would allow easier supply to markets outside the USA.  Weather has been an issue........but diversifying production locations can help overcome those problems.  They seem to have ignored real demand for the seed.

At this time, it is unknown whether there will be any seed available.

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