Sunday, February 11, 2018

Compadre Zoysia - AVAILABLE NOW

Still considering a zoysia lawn in 2018?  

There is certainly still time to sow your new lawn even in temperate areas of Australia.  But it means getting activity underway quite soon, to allow the 8-10 weeks normally required to develop a respectable turfed area.  It is not the ideal time to sow [lack of seed has been an issue], but is acceptable in the near term. 

And in areas from Sydney north and anywhere across northern Australia sowing is still possible even into April. There is always a chance of cooler nights from later in April, which can slow development of the turf, but hey.........getting it started means a jump start after the drier  and cooler weather, when........surprise surprise root development is still strong, to a pick up in above ground development once warmer and longer days make a difference to leaf growth from around August / September depending on location.

Seed is now readily available from us, and we can supply in small and larger amounts to match your area. If your soil temperature is above 20C........zoysia seed should germinate and grow, establishing what is probably the best turf type in much of Australia.

Send us an email for information and advice on all zoysia turf issues. Send email to: 

We have over 30 years professional involvement with zoysia seed and turf research and development and pioneered use of zoysia seed in Australia from the mid 1970s.  Our experience here and overseas on zoysia can help you!
Compadre zoysia - sown by seed in suburban Melbourne

Zoysia sown from seed in Townsville - despite water restrictions


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