Thursday, March 01, 2018

Warm Autumn ?- Could Still Plant Compadre Zoysia Seeded Lawn

The latest medium term climate notices issued on 28 February 2018 for March - May [ ie Australian autumn period] are predicting warmer days and nights for much of Australia in this Autumn period.

A more detailed map and analysis is available on the site 

Much of Australia is likely to be warmer over the next 3 months, both days and nights.

This presents an extended opportunity to get a new seeded zoysia turf area started and probably well matured in this period, rather than waiting for late next spring. However, it is prudent if considering this option, to get sowing under way in the next month or so to capitalise on the warmer weather.  Opportunities also are better if in north Australia, to start an area, mostly missing the very wet periods of the monsoon weather that can cause erosion and management issues for new areas.

Compadre zoysia seed still available - contact for further information and pricing.  We also have a seres of information sheets available for establishing and maintaining zoysia turf in pdf electronic format - just ask!

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