Tuesday, June 26, 2018

GMO Truth - Confessions of an Anti GMO Activist

This is a classic case of about face, with a former strident anti GMO activist now an active campaigner for GMO crops, Mark Lynas and his book "Seeds of Science" is published today, June 26.

The article is in the Wall Street Journal - about as pro business as it comes, on June 23 2018.
This is the link - https://www.wsj.com/articles/confession-of-an-anti-gmo-activist-1529679465

It might be behind a pay wall, but my guess it will be leaked...... and as I could read it now, it might not be unavailable anyway, as it was a few days ago.

A strong case for using GMO seeds and well written.

The case for more serious embrace of the technology is strong, and with newer techniques including the CRSPR technology of gene insertion using material from the same  or very similar species, it now is not even treated as a GMO in many countries plant varieties registration systems.

This article opens the potential for improving plant science and crop yield and overall performance,especially disease and insect resistance and follows up on a recent article by Bill Gates on similar roles for GM crops.  

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