Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Mosquito Control with Sterile Insects

The world's most dangerous animal isn't a lion, shark, snake or croc: it's the menacing mosquito. 

While many mosquitos are harmless to humans and ecologically important, three groups of mozzies, the Aedes, Anopheles and Culex, are found almost all over the world and are responsible for around 17 per cent of infectious disease transmissions globally. 

In a landmark trial working with international partners, CSIRO were able to suppress the invasive and disease spreading Aedes aegypti mosquito by 80 per cent along the Cassowary Coast, Queensland. 

Millions of non-biting male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes were reared, sterilised using a natural bacteria and re-released into the area.

Click through on the link to read the story - Australian science at work - for good! Read more by clicking through below.

Very sharp, smart science!

Our infertile mozzies are now wiping out the invasive irritants.

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