Sunday, December 10, 2006

A great zoysia turf by seed?.........YES you can!

Most zoysia lawns are laid with turf sod or sometimes by sprigging or plugs. It can be expensive, and even with plugs, a bit slow. Yes, full turfing gives you an instant lawn , but it still needs a few weeks to develop roots and tie itself into the soil. Many people are put off by the cost, and full turfing is relatively expensive.

There is another option........use seed! Yes.....the excellent zoysia turf variety Compadre is a seeded type that can be sown, as seed. Saves money, and can give you lawn cover in about 12 - 14 weeks. There have now been a few areas sown in the Darwin region and they look great. The photos tell a good story.............

The turf is slow to germinate and establish, and it is VERY important that adequate water is provided in the first few weeks.........and not to excess.

We recommend use of low volume sprinklers eg Challenger Mk2 low pressure sprinklers that deliver a few mm per hour. They are inexpensive and can be set up on a low cost 12 mm pvc line that can then be used as drip line in the garden. Or......use a soaker hose. In hot weather, you might even need to run the system for 6-8 hours per day in the first 2-3 weeks, or use a timer in bursts of 1 hour every two hours, to keep the surface moist. After the first 3 weeks, irrigation can be reduced, but keep the new area moist to about 100mm.

After establishment, the turf needs about one half of daily evaporation, say 3-4 mm per day in 2-3 deep irrigations per week, less in the cooler months.

Using Compadre seed will give a great lawn, that will pay off in less mowing, less fertiliser needs and a beautiful appearance.....and it is shade tolerant too.

Call us for more information and your source of seed.

Peter H

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