Thursday, December 21, 2006

NT Now Has Top Quality Fertiliser and Plant Nutrition Support

Agsafe the national registered training organisation for rural industries has recently issued a Fertcare Level C certificate to Mr Peter Harrison of Above Capricorn Technologies, Darwin following his successful completion of the training program and exams for this course.

The Fertcare program is designed to lift the skills and knowledge of all individuals involved in the supply and distribution of fertilizers and to assist in optimising environmental stewardship, occupational health and safety, food safety and agricultural profitability.

Mr Harrison’s training was specifically designed to meet the needs of agricultural advisors and crop and pasture nutrition advisers and consultants who are providing detailed plant nutrition advice based on soil and plant testing to the agricultural and horticultural industries

Using the latest adult learning methods, the Fertcare training received by Peter Harrison delivered leading-edge information, support and practical advice to improve professional competencies for advisors and covers detailed and complex knowledge of:
environmental issues, particularly in relation to fertilisers and fertiliser management;
fertiliser environmental stewardship review methodology (FESR);
food safety issues;
soil and tissue sampling;
the regulatory framework and label requirements; and
an awareness of OH&S and stewardship issues in transport, storage, handling and application of fertilisers.

Fertcare training is underpinned by eco-efficiency principles and informs participants on the proper use of fertilisers and soil ameliorant products to achieve optimum agricultural production together with effective practices for improved environmental outcomes.

The formal training is used together with the assessment and recognition of prior competency which includes the assessment of competency in;
soil, nutrient and fertiliser knowledge; and
systematic development of interpretation and
recommendations based on sound science.

The Fertcare Accreditation Level C is seen as a basic requirement for qualified professionals that provide professional advice and support in plant nutrition and fertiliser use in the rural industries across rural Australia, and has been a sought after qualification in other jurisdictions around Australia. Ask your fertiliser supplier or advisor – are you qualified?

Peter Harrison from Above Capricorn Technologies provides independent advice and can assist in developing a sound program for crops on your property. Contact him by phone 89481894 or e-mail to - .

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