Friday, May 14, 2010

Energy Saving Superior Lighting is Coming - VERY SOON

Philips has announced a consumer suitable LED replacement for the 60W incandescent bulb, probably the most common type used in domestic buildings.

It is not likely to be cheap, at least initiallly,...............but it is expected to last about 20 years plus and will save an enormous amount of energy if widely used.

It is also dimmable and can be coloured so a range of lighting effects are possible.

Not available for several months still, but is the first of what could be more options in this area.

Details available here:

A day later Osram Sylvania also fessed up with a similar product. With other manufacturers also now likely to have similar products, expect the price to fall to a seriously better price......soon.

See here:

Update on 15 May 2010
And a day later Lemnis also offered an LED bulb that was cheaper and more here:

This might be a 'hot" space with multiple options now available. Prices will definitely fall!
When might we see similar products here in Australia I wonder???

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