Monday, May 17, 2010

Rabies on the Doorstep - Indonesians Need Help

Rabies is a horrible, horrible disease.

It has now established a toehold on Bali, as well as a decent footprint in Flores. Especially from Flores and the myriad islands offshore, it is but a short hop to Timor along already existing local trade routes and then to Papua.............and across the Torres Strait to Australia.

If nothing is done to push these infections back, it will be when, NOT if according to Helen Scott-Orr, a very reputable vet, formerly working in a senior position in the NSW government.

This should be enough to develop a very major response from the people of Australia to our Government to offer significant assistance. With death and mayhem in these two islands already, we should be seriously considering how to help.

It might be impossible to eradicate rabies if it ever got to Australia.

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