Thursday, January 20, 2011

Floods Caused by Mining - Says Brown, Greens Party Leader

What a giant blooper from a Federal politician who should really have more common sense........simple common sense. It is a time when if you have nothing important to say, then keep quiet.

Bob Brown the Leader of the Greens political party in Australia has blamed the recent floods on the mining industry.......duh!!!!!

The media piece below [reproduced from an online version of Australian Mining News today] says it very well, with the local member for Kennedy in north Queensland dropping some giant brickbats on his head.

What crass, ignorant, stupid statements from a politician who really should know better. Mr Brown, you owe many people an apology over this blooper!

The Bureau of Metereology had already predicted very heavy rains and possible floods for north Australia some months ago, and the actual events affecting Brisbane were related to very unusual circumstances, possibly out of line with normal forecast outcomes, and maybe unpredictable other than with almost direct immediacy as weather events happened.

Comments on the original article are very pertinent and Bob Brown should read and learn something from them.

Is Bob Brown really so stupid??

Katter slams “inconsistent”, “hypocritical” Greens
Jessica Burke on 20 January 2011

Greens Senator Bob Brown continues to draw widespread criticism for accusing the mining industry of having a hand in the devastating floods across the country.

Bob Katter, member for the Queensland seat of Kennedy, is the latest to voice his objection to Brown’s comments, saying they are ridiculous and hypocritical.

Earlier in the week the Greens leader suggested the mining industry should foot the bill for the flood clean-up, because the industry is a major contributor to global warming.

But Katter says the argument shows inconsistency.

"There is a problem that will arise in the oceans that we should be cognisant of," he said.
"But Mr Brown, with all due respects, [has] the hide to say to the Australian people that it's causing massive flooding, when not a year ago and for the last 10 years, they've been telling us that it's been causing the drought on the Murray Darling."

He’s also accused Brown of being insensitive to the devastation people across the flooded areas are suffering. "I react with great anger," he said.

"You can't let people get away with that sort of hypocrisy and misrepresentations to the public of Australia."

Queensland’s Natural Resource Minister Stephen Robertson has also reacted against the comments, saying such comments from the Greens are not helping the situation. "We need to take a sober look as to what occurred, particularly in terms of what the Bureau of Meteorology is telling us," he said. "But to go out there at this point in time and point the finger in particular directions is not good science and I don't think the debate about climate change is particularly well served by those more emotional outbursts that we've been seeing by some individuals."

Unions and politicians have called for Brown to retract or apologise for his comments.


Anonymous said...

And to know that this Bob Brown knucklehead is the defacto prime minister of our country aided of course by his executive equally useless assistant, Madame Jul-liar Gillard. And look at the abject mess they have made of every damned thing they have touched - all in less than
12 months. Let us hope and pray their utterly failed minority government will be booted asap!

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