Thursday, January 27, 2011

Olive Oil - From New World Sources WILL Increase

Sources of olive oil traditionally have been mediterranean countries with Spain [over 30% of production the biggest], Italy, Greece, and Portugal. Our household has commonly used 4L cans from Spain, for example.

But this is changing. California has rapidly been improving oil quality as well as volumes, as has Australia and so too has Chile and to a lesser extent, Argentina. Think those countries where new world wine production has also both been inceasing and being of much better quality. While volumes may not exceed European figures, production will be closer to consumers and as consumers raise their own sophistication, local and smaller volume high quality producers - boutique or somewhat larger - should snare a modest to increasing market share.

In Australia, there are many locally grown and produced olive oil brands now marketed through major retail chains, and quite frankly: - they are very good. Especially for modest volume uses in salads and similar food uses, where flavour and aroma are important. Cheaper imported olive oil still is acceptable for bulk use eg cooking.

A recent article highlights some of the developments in California particularly, but a similar issue has also occurred in Australia with rapidly increasing olive oil quality. There are even speciality shops selling nothing BUT olive oil in many larger cities around Australia.

Think about the wine market............olive oil markets are expected to emulate that development at least in variety, and with better quality, and a wider range of countires of production.

It will be good for ordinary consumers. If you have not tried some of the wider range of specialty olive oils, they are worth consideration. Usually available in bottle sizes of 500ml - 1L, in Australia.

The article highlighting Californian developments is here: -

with similar development in Australia.

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One hopes this reduces the overwhelming monopoly of olive oil producers from certain countries.