Thursday, July 07, 2011

Australia Lifts Live Cattle Export Ban to Indonesia

Welcome news announced 6 July, that limited resumption of live cattle trade will recommence.

Short on much detail and curiously comes after media reports that Indonesia has announced significant reductions in possible import licence number as they say their own herd has increased. They also announced reductions in boxed chilled beef imports fom Australia as well.

Maybe it has, maybe not......but demand for beef in Indonesia continues to grow.

Some more details on both parts of the equation are here: for live cattle trade Indonesian beef imports from Australia to be reduced

This saga is far from over and there will be much more to come yet. It may get off the front page of news broadcasts but it has not gone away. With northern producers already missing over a month of exports, and only limited resumption of animal shipments, there will be an awful lot of angst around, and many will still be losing a lot of money over the issue, and substantially reduced animal numbers will be exported in 2011.

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