Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Letter from Indonesia on the Live Cattle Issues

This letter was originally penned around the middle of June 2011, but has appeared in several different media sources. It was in the NT News newspaper in Darwin on Saturday July 2, as one of several articles on the live cattle export and slaughter debacle.

It is a sensible and rational response, based around practical and pragmatic actions to redevelop the live cattle trade to Indonesia.

This is a very major issue, with Indonesia no doubt feeling VERY miffed over the whole issue. The name Australia is not a top flavour there. What other issues will it next effect?

Read the letter in full at this link:

Several other versions seen online have comments and responses, with some very negative to his views. Search on "Scot Braithwaite letter" for many more sites with the letter published, and responses.

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