Friday, May 31, 2013

Greenhouse Emissions Decline in the EU

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- The EU's environmental agency says the 27-nation bloc's greenhouse emissions in 2011 were the lowest since it began monitoring them in 1990.

The European Environment Agency says greenhouse gas emissions dropped 3.3 percent compared to 2010, and were 18.4 percent below 1990 levels. It cited a milder winter in 2011 as the main reason for the drop.

Agency director Jacqueline McGlade said Wednesday the European Union was 'making clear progress towards its emission targets.'

The agency said nearly two-thirds of the emission reductions came from Britain, France and Germany, while the largest increases were in Romania, Bulgaria and Spain.
Press release from EU environment Agency

Some might question the statement that the European Union was 'making clear progress towards its emission targets.' and put up the thesis that declines in manufacturing due to economic turmoil and a less ardous winter were really the major factors in the decline in major economies emission.  That said, the overall declines over 20 odd years is the key metric, and that is very significant.

This data is for 2011.  Will 2012 also show further declines?  You might think so, if the factors highlighted are major issues, as Europe continues to be mired in low economic activity.

This region is one that has invested in less carbon intensive energy production, and major efforts to improve the energy management of its citizens.  Think solar panels, energy efficiency, better use of public transport and many, many more tweaks, both larger and smaller, and this is paying off.

For that congratulations are in order.  But do not stop now...........

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