Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hotter and Wetter Pre Wet Season Predicted by BOM.

The BOM released the latest modelling for the pre wet season period of 2013 this week.

Be warned - it is predicted to be warmer [ especially at night] and wetter in the pre wet season period in the Top End of the NT.

South of Katherine, it could be slightly drier than the median values.

These predictions are quite strong for the Top End, north of Katherine, with an order of a 75% or better chance for the warmer temperatures, and around 65% for the rainfall.  And thus, there are implications for management of pastoral and farming properties.  Could there be opportunities for some early pasture plantings?  Or will there be a need for less hay as the resumption of pasture growth will allow grazing?

Read more directly off the BOM site here:   for rainfall, and here for temperatures:

Remember - they are predictions!  But they do come with some strong probability numbers for night temperatures, and medium strong for rainfall.

Think of them as a planning tool to aid your decision making.

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