Saturday, October 18, 2014

Home of Bauxite .......and Aluminium

One of the locations seen while on holiday was the second most beautiful village in France.  Mont St Michel in Normandy is No1, and this les Baux en Provence, in southern France, No2.

Quite nice too...........but  lo and behold, it is also famous for another important reason.

Think of the name  - Les Baux.  Near this village in around 1821 a local found a new mineral rock - and it now bears the name bauxite.!!!

Especially relevant to a person from north Australia - with both Gove in the NT and Weipa in Queensland on opposite sides of the Gulf of Carpentaria, between them producing a large chunk of the world's bauxite today.

Read the inscription - pretty easy, even though in French.
Story of Bauxite

Bauxite from near Les Baux

Village narrow laneway

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