Thursday, October 23, 2014

US Drought - Cause Explained

There seems to now be an explanation about the cause of the drought that has affected the western states of the USA over the past year or so.

The phenomenon was also present in some earlier droughts in the area including all the big ones recorded by western civilisation in the region.

The same atmospheric phenomenon that emerged during the winter of 1933 to 1934 [ the biggest drought ever recorded] is also present today. This high-pressure ridge over the West Coast deflects storms holding much-needed rain to the north, and may be causing the current drought crippling California, the researchers said.

More information is here -;_ylt=A0LEV0M9f0RU5UAAXqtXNyoA

This does not solve the drought but may provide some ideas in prediction for future events.  It does not seem to be going away - at all.

The drought has had some devastating effects on irrigated and dryland agriculture in the whole western region, with implications extending across the world as well.  So much of the specialist crops grown in the west of the USA flow into world food and commodity supplies - almonds, pistachios, pecans, dates, cotton, melons, onions, even lucerne / alfalfa.  Even causing major effects on urban communities [ although many do use a lot of water and could reduce use a lot].  A sort of reminder to Australians who suffered through a 10 year drought across southern Australia.

It is still a significant issue in the USA, with more in the story below here.  Much of the SW is expected to get worse over the next period.

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