Friday, February 27, 2015

Zenith Zoysia Seed to Develop A New Oval in the Tropics - Part 3 – Mowing Time

One of the milestone events in any new turf development is the mow………..yes, the first mow.
zenith zoysia coverage at about 6 weeks from sowing

For this site it was 45 days after sowing, and although a bit large we opted for a domestic rotary mower, which allows a bit of a closer check on what is going on with the turf, ease of manoeuvre of equipment, but with a greatly extended time requirement.

The cut went well…………., cutting the area back quite short. No serious problems and a very smart appearance.

The next mow was this past week, at 59 days from sowing, say at 8 weeks, and two weeks after the first cut.  This time however we used a zero turn front deck mower, adjusted to cut short, but not absolutely the shortest, and a fraction higher than the first cut.  We will probably continue with mowing at 10 – 14 day intervals for the next month.
After mowing at 8 weeks note small areas now covering in 

The turf has continued to grow well, and will receive a small fertiliser boost in the next 7 days, weather dependent. 

In the meantime we continue to remove grassy weeds, especially focussing on Bothriochloa spp.  Some are new plants, some are plants around the outer areas of the oval where they have had almost zero competition since the original sowing, and some very large clumps of runners that seem to have recovered from the glyphosate spray.  A big job, but it is almost inevitable with ovals that a major hand weed is needed.  We expect to have to do more over the next few weeks, but at this stage a very substantial number of plants – small to medium sized have been removed.  There is no easy herbicide solution to selectively kill Bothriochloa spp in turf.

A further spray to remove a few remnant legume weeds long with some other broad leaved weeds and some sedges will be needed as weather allows [currently wet and raining most days], and it may be possible to spot or strip spray for these weeds, rather than the entire oval.

The big change is the rapid growth of runners extending laterally in the zoysia.  These runners are very noticeable around the edge of the oval where the sown Zenith was either a bit thin or had not been sown out past the oval boundary.  These areas are rapidly being colonised by the Zenith as new runners spread quickly.

The odd small bare area on the oval is also being covered with these runners, and very quickly too, once they started, which was after the first mow.  Zenith and especially Compadre are well known for excellent lateral growth as is being seen with these new runners now covering the bare spots.
Runners rapidly covering a bare spot on oval

Runners now colonising an area off the edg eof the sown oval

It augurs well for over 95% coverage soon.
Getting close to 95 %cover on many parts of the oval now

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