Saturday, February 07, 2015

Zoysia CAN Grow Tall

In the tropics when the weather turns from dry to can get very wet, and stay that way for many weeks

Even zoysia can grow to a tall sward, under those conditions.

Look at the Zoysia matrella shown here being cut with a residential model rotary mower.

About 8 weeks plus since it was cut and the weather was very monsoonal, and with the near constant rain it was just not possible to get the area cut..........but it had to be done.

As soon as a weather break occurred it had to be mown.

So with the mower on a moderate height the lawn was cut.  Once to get the top growth down and then a following cut in a day or so to lower the cut again.

Not ideal and there will need to be some further mowing soon.  BUT even  if zoysia is neglected and grows tall [ was about 150mm high] it can be resurrected successfully.

For most situations, especially in a normal residential area, mowing at 15 -30mm is normal, using a rotary mower.  Better lawns can be cut lower, but a cylinder mower is preferred once cutting below about 15 - 20mm. 

Tall zoysia - needing to be cut

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